2020 Legislation Tracker

Below is a list of legislation the association is tracking during the 2020 Florida Legislative Session.

If you have any questions regarding the legislation listed below, please contact Amanda Gill, Government Affairs Director, at 407-960-2910 or via email at amanda@faahq.org.

Priority Legislation

Number Title Sponsor Last Action

Other Legislation

Number Title Sponsor Last Action
SB 0034 Prohibited Discrimination Rouson 09-03-2019
HB 0049 Emotional Support Animals Killebrew 08-12-2019
SB 0090 Discrimination in Labor and Employment Stewart 08-16-2019
SB 0150 Sanitary Sewer Laterals Brandes 09-03-2019
SB 0206 Prohibited Discrimination Rouson 08-29-2019
HB 6013 Rent Control Measures Eskamani 08-27-2019