APAC Giving Roster 2018

APAC benefits the multifamily industry and is a great way to gain recognition for you or your company. 

$10,000 Diamond Contributors


$5,000 Sapphire Contributors


House of Floors

Shaw Industries 

$2,500 Ruby Contributors


Valet Living 

$1,000 Emerald  Contributors

Ronald L. Book PA 

Nathan Collier, Collier Companies

Mark Ogier, ContraVest 

Doug Cullaro, Capstone Credit Solutions 

Epoch Management 

Lincoln Property Company 

Peak Living 

Perimeter Realty

Preston Giuliano Capitol Partners 

Angi Pusateri, RentDebt Automated 

Margaret Rushing, Advanced Plumbing Commerical & Residential Services Inc. 

Bonnie Smetzer, JMG Realty 

Robbins Electra Managment 

Kerri Toth, Royal American Management  

$500 Gold Contributors 

Commercial Water and Energy 

Josh Gold, Florida Apartment Association

Horizon Realty 

Jennifer Kennedy, Preston Giuliano Capitol Partners 

Chip Tatum, Apartment Association of Greater Orlando

$250 Silver Contributors

Nava Adler, Switch Electric

Apartment Lease Up Experts 

Emily Badger, Leland Enterprises 

Barfield McCain PA

Kenneth Bolsch, Green Earth

Contravest Management Company  

Shannon Gregory, WRH Realty 

Diana Gierschner, The Liberty Group 

Cynthia Haines, WRH Realty 

Chad Harrell, Camp Construction

Dustin Hawley, RentPath

HUB International 

Integrity Property Services 

JMG Realty, Inc. 

Matt Lewis, The Lake Doctors

Tara McBride, Pinnacle 

Jordan Petras, Carroll Managment 

Brenda Sweeting, Absolutely Amazing Refinishing 

Switch Electric

Pete Zimek, ILS Network 

$99 Club

Ricardo Alicea, The Bainbridge Companies 

Donna Ameller, JMG Realty

Bobbie Bailey, Premier Management Group 

Courtney Barnard, Florida Apartment Association 

Brian Bazinet, Line 1 Communications 

Kara Bonzheim, Dogwood Building Supply 

Michelle Chamo, ARD Distributors 

Jimmy Chestnut, Carroll Management 

John Febrega, Line 1 Communications  

Ken Furtaw, WRH Realty  

Danny Fusinatto, House of Floors 

Renae Gater, Dalcor Companies 

Courtney Gavin, Well Kept 

Kelley Grant PA 

Michael Hodges, RentalsinJax

Rachelle Hundley, Royal American Managment 

Laura Hulsey, RentPath

Patrick Kennedy, Entrata 

Lisa LaVinge, Real Floors 

Paul Licata, Interstate Restoration 

Melissa Lohmeyer, Apartments.com 

Amanda Lynch, Real Floors 

Kim Maggard, Royal American 

Ryan McCain, Barfield McCain PA

Lindsey McClain, FCAA

Milestone Management 

Marilyn Nix, JMG Realty 

Kristi Novak, Altman Company

Brenda Pritchard, Horizon Realty Company 

Monica Ramsey, Apartment Association of Greater Orlando 

Jessica Romero, CORT

Jeremy Scholl. Greystar

Jodi Sink, D. Sink Inc.

Jonathan Smith, Arbor Carpet 

Erin Toung, ET&T

Lori Trainer, Pinnacle 

Vidalta Property Management 

Katie Wrenn, Finley Management 

Scott Zimmerman, AGPM LLC

$25 Fair Share Contributors

Heather Alzate, PRG Real Estate 

William Arborgast, Greater Quality Pool Service 

Brett Arsenault, ET&T

Sean Bailey, Cares By Apartment Life

Nancy Baier, Valet Living 

Rick Bierman, Redi-Carpet  

Gabrielle Castenada, Costar 

Natalie Cavaliere, Cambridge Management 

Annika Cline, Edgewater Crossing

The Courtney at Universal

Sandra Crowe, Caroll Managment 

Brian Cutting, RentPath 

Cutting Edge Carpet 

Lisa Dailey, Balfour Beatty Communities 

Gina DaSilva, Mezzo of Tampa Palms 

Mark Decker, Horizon Realty Company

Brigitte Desko, ContraVest

Sabrina D'ali-Mendoza, CORT

Mandy Doucet, Pinnacle 

Tiffany Erickson, City Recycling Group

Jessica Fisher, Unicorp National  Development 

First Capital Partners 

Alexia Fonseca, Unicorp National Development 

Ashlee Frost, Affinity Waste Solutions 

Justin Frost, Affinity Waste Solutions 

Jamison Gavin, Well Kept 

Curt Graulich, Redi Carpet 

Chelsea Greene, Preserve at Longleaf 

Christina Haskin, ContraVest

Geoff Harlan, My Rent Comps 

Lauren Hendry 

Kathy Hensley, Greystar 

Trish Hess, Churchill Forge

Rosa Houston, Three Waters Green

April Hudson, Milestone 

Magdalena Ilia, Apartment Lease Up Experts 

Teresa Jeffries, Cutting Edge Carpet 

TJ Jenkins, Finlay Management 

Danielle Johnson, Arium Metrowest 

Kristen Johnson, Arium Gulfshore

Debby Jordan, AGP 

Jerron Kelley, Kelley Grant P.A. 

Chris Koback, Som Living 

Carol Lehnert, Matrix Residential 

Mary Linneken, Lincoln Property Company 

Nancy Lovell, Carroll Managment 

Lisa Matta, Greystar

Lisa McLemore, PMA

Kelli Meyers, Churchill Forge

Wendy Milenkevich, Windtree 

Linda Norris, Providence Painting 


Traci Pearce, Carlyle at Bartram Park

Heather Powell, Palms at Altamonte Springs

Angi Pusateri, RentDebt Automated Collections

Liz Recca, Space Coast Apartment Association

Lee Rogers, JMG Realty 

Alex Mauro Ross, Info Tycoon

Cynthia Riggin, RAM Partners 

Lindsay Sargeant, Preserve at Longleaf

Greg Seidule, Magic Business Forms 

Kelsey Shaner, Park Ave Apartments 

Kelly Shaver, CF Lane 

Tara Simmons, House of Floors 

Betsy Smith, NRP Group 

Lance Smith, Cutting Edge Carpet 

Mary Beth Suarez, Valet Living 

Denisa Snyder, Emmer Management Group 

Sunbrite Outdoor Furniture 

Tami Swanson, Massey Services 

Shalonda Taylor, DEI Communities 

Bob Thollander, Bainbridge Companies 

Meredith Torres, Greystar

Paula Trent, Massey Services 

Teresa Unrue, National Property Management 

Erin Williams, Valet Living

Shawn Wingate, Richman Management 

Dawn Wolter, JMG Realty