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Brett Arsenault

Brett Arsenault

ET&T Distributors, Inc.

Professional Bio

Brett is ET&T’s superhero installer bringing the breathtaking designs to life. While flying may be handy for travelling all over the country to create the “WOW,” he might have to wait for that superhero power to come to life. We hear napping is a hobby, however, Brett would like to make it a Holiday. He’s a “Yes” man when it comes to customer service. Without Brett, designs are just ideas. ET&T is lucky to have him as the brawn beside the brain.

Parent Member

ET&T Distributors, Inc. ET&T Distributors, Inc. 947 Beville Rd., Ste #15
South Daytona, FL 32119
(365) 322-7789
FAA Logo Supplier

Areas of Expertise
Park Equipment, Pool Furniture