About FAA

Since 1971, the Florida Apartment Association has worked to ensure high property management standards and resident satisfaction and safety in Florida. Volunteer leaders from throughout the state meet three times a year to discuss issues and challenges facing the multifamily housing sector. The association at both the state and local level also provides important social and career benefits for industry personnel.

FAA represents more than three-quarters (80%) of apartment homes in Florida — more than 1 million units — and nearly three-quarters (74%) of all apartment communities in Florida. 

FAA represents a diverse array of apartment property types: new and old, urban and rural, luxury and affordable, privately developed and state tax-assisted, large management companies and individual rental housing owners. For the public, it is important to note, however, that FAA does not represent condominiums, hotels, motels, and other transient housing, In addition, it is purely a voluntary organization: not all apartment owners, particularly small individual owners and geographical areas remote from the main city centers, are members of FAA.

FAA is a federation; that is, it serves as an umbrella organization linking nine independent local associations. FAA provides independent functions and enjoys close relationships with the local affiliates, but affiliates have their own independent Boards of Directors and activities. FAA and each local association also belong to the National Apartment Association, which provides a wealth of information and services.