FAA 2020 Report on Drivers of Multifamily Housing Costs and Affordability in Florida

Housing affordability has become a critical issue in Florida with significant implications for the state’s
economic competitiveness and resilience following the COVID-19 pandemic. The crisis has underscored the importance of access to stable, affordable housing as a public health necessity. At the same time, we know that housing affordability will remain a critical issue post-pandemic, as estimates project that Florida needs to build up to 48,000 new apartments each year to meet growing demand pre-pandemic. Housing that is affordable to all residents is critical to a thriving state economy that provides equitable access to opportunity. Florida’s multifamily development community is a key partner in providing housing to meet the state’s consistently growing demand.

The Florida Apartment Association (FAA) and HR&A Advisors, Inc. (HR&A) produced this report to identify
which factors impact housing affordability in Florida with a key focus on four metro areas: Jacksonville,
Miami, Orlando, and Tampa. Click the link below to read the report. 

Click here to read the report.