NAA Click & Lease

Joining your local apartment association qualifies you for the NAA Click & Lease program. A community must be a member of the local affiliated apartment association, which includes membership in FAA and NAA, to participate.

The units-based pricing model makes the lease program easier to use than ever before. Budget more accurately, print as many forms as you need, and never worry about running out of clicks again. (See pricing details here on the NAA Click & Lease site.)

The powerful and easy-to-use leasing program allows an apartment community to save time and money by speeding up preparation and printing of legal documents. In addition to providing greater efficiency to the on-site leasing process, the program allows prospective residents to fill out a rental application online, and property managers to audit and edit entire portfolios of leases with a few clicks of a mouse.

The lease and accompanying addenda cover every aspect of the rental process and are reviewed by expert attorneys to ensure compliance with federal and state law and local regulations. The language of the lease is constantly monitored and modified to reflect new legislation or jurisprudence.

More than 14,000 communities are enrolled in the NAA Click & Lease program nationwide. Customer companies include some of the largest multifamily and privately held real estate firms in the country. To date, the NAA Click & Lease is the most widely used standardized form in the multifamily housing industry. Click the ad below to learn more. 

Eliminate Errors, Increase Efficiency 

The program is designed to reduce errors by providing built-in math calculations, default settings for recurring items and charges, automatic data transfers from the main lease form to other forms making up the lease package, built-in error checking, and lease expiration reports. Using default settings and your specific terms for each apartment community, the NAA Click & Lease program produces complete, accurate lease packages in minutes. Save time and money by speeding up the preparation and printing of lease packages. Property managers have the tools to audit and edit entire portfolios with a few clicks of a mouse.

The program includes the lease contract, a variety of lease addenda, and the rental application.

Integrates With Your Current Software

The NAA Click & Lease Program interfaces with your existing property management software such as Intuit, Yardi, RealPage, First Advantage, or MRI, allowing you to transfer data between systems and prevent repeat data entry.

You do not have to store or photocopy applications, forms, or addenda, or worry about throwing away outdated forms. Forms do not have to be completed by hand or with , and an inventory of pre-printed forms does not have to be maintained. NAA Forms Online, the web-based lease program, runs entirely in your web browser, eliminating the need to install or update any software on your system.

  • Reduce errors with default settings for recurring items and specific terms calculated for each community.
  • Create error checking and lease expiration reports.
  • Get help when needed with FREE technical support and training through the application software provider, Blue Moon Software Inc.

In addition, as the technology behind the program advances, you'll receive the benefit of those improvements. This may include additional forms, increased software application and integration with new property management software systems.

Improve Your Security

The lease program enables you to:

  • Protect your community against changing state and local laws.
  • Operate with a uniform lease template across jurisdictional boundaries (with some minor alterations to comply with state laws).
  • Get a team of attorneys who constantly review and update the lease language in each state.
  • Benefit from review by the leading multifamily lease attorneys in the country.

How to Sign Up

To participate in the program, a community needs:

  1. An established membership in a local affiliated apartment association. A community must remain in good standing to continue using the lease.
  2. A site license (obtainable at any time).
  3. The forms program (sold in conjunction with the initial site license).

Important Notes

  • To apply for a site license, go to the National Apartment Association website or call 1-833-86-MYNAA and speak to a National Apartment Association representative.
  • Blue Moon Software provides FREE technical support as well as FREE updates for as long as the annual license is renewed.