2019 Post-Session Legislative Update Call

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Below is a brief outline of the various topics discussed during our Post-Session Legislative Update Call, which took place on May 20, 2019. 

During this call, I provided updates regarding the status of legislation passed by the legislature, FAA's 2019 successes, where FAA's legislative priorities stand, the state budget, and other legislation of interest for the apartment industry that was introduced during the 2019 session.

If you are interested in learning more about these topics, please click the image at the bottom of this page to listen to a recording of our Post-Session Legislative Update Call. 


Amanda Gill
Government Affairs Director
Florida Apartment Association

Post-Session Legislative Update 

FAA's 2019 Legislative Priorities:
  • Protect Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust Fund
    • SB 70 (Sen. Mayfield) and HB 1103 (Rep. Plasencia)
  • Prohibit Mandatory Inclusionary Zoning and Encourage Voluntary Incentive Programs 
    • SB 1730 and HB 7103 (Rep. Fischer)
  • Reduce Emotional Support Animal Fraud and Abuse
    • HB 721 (Rep. Killebrew) and SB 1128 (Sen. Diaz
  • Clarify the Impact Fee Process
    • SB 144 (Sen. Gruters) and HB 207 (Rep. Donalds)
Budget Update:
  • The House and Senate reached an agreement on a $91.1 billion state budget for FY 19-20.
FAA Advocacy Successes:
  • Military-friendly Initiatives Legislation 
    • HB 891 (Rep. Ponder) and SB 620 (Sen. Broxson)
  • Housing Discrimination Legislation 
    • HB 565 (Rep. Williams) and SB 958 (Sen Rouson)
Other Legislation to Note:
  • Local Licensing Legislation 
    • HB 3 (Rep. Grant) and SB 1748 (Sen. Perry
  • Tort Reform Legislation 
    • HB 17 (Rep. Leek) 
  • Rent Control Legislation 
    • HB 6053 (Rep. Eskamani) and SB1390 (Sen. Torres) 

Please click on the image below to listen to our 2019            Post-Session Legislative Update Call.