FAA Receives National, State Awards for Magazine, Other Communications

FAA News,

The Florida Apartment Association has received three national awards and three statewide awards — including two first-place awards. FAA received a first-place Excel Award from the national Association Media & Publishing for the 2019 Legislative Priorities Brochure. The brochure explained FAA's position on proposed legislation important to Florida's multifamily industry and overall economy. The brochure included inserts explaining each of FAA’s legislative priorities, which created a cityscape effect. FAA members attending the 2019 FAA Legislative Conference shared the brochure with legislators. 

FAA also received a silver award and a bronze award for the 2019 Annual Conference & Trade Show registration brochure, in two different categories. 

The redesign of Multifamily Florida magazine received a first-place "Charlie Award" from the Florida Magazine Association. The judge commented: Cover is much more modern and eye-catching in its placement and treatment of cover lines as well as the nameplate design than the old design; clearly differentiated departments with color and slug treatments is nice; lots of clear entry points in departments; informative mix of imagery, infographics, and typography to keep the reader engaged. 

In addition, FAA received a silver award for the ad for the 2020 FAA Legislative Conference, which appeared in Multifamily Florida. Judge's comments: Nice tie in of the blueprint theme between the image and typography.
Lastly, FAA received a bronze award for best column for FAA Update by Josh Gold. Judge's comments: In less than a full page, this author delivers a lot of information about professional development and educational activities, much of it packaged in easy-to-read bullet points.