Florida Legislative Update: Week 1

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The 2019 Florida Session is underway and FAA is tracking several pieces of important legislation that could impact the apartment industry. Below is a brief update on some of the legislation that is currently moving through the legislative process. 


For a more comprehensive summary regarding the legislation that FAA is tracking this session, please click here to listen to our Pre-Session Legislative Update.


Amanda Gill
Government Affairs Director
Florida Apartment Association

FAA Priority Legislation Update


Senate Bill 1128: Reducing Emotional Support Animal Fraud
SB 1128 (Sen. Diaz) passed the Senate Agriculture Committee favorably by a unanimous vote on March 11.
If enacted, this legislation would reduce emotional support animal fraud by allowing a housing provider to request written documentation that is signed by a licensed provider and verifies the individual's disability or disability related need. In addition, this legislation would establish a penalty for misrepresenting a pet as an emotional support animal.
SB 1128 now advances to the Senate Innovation, Industry, and Technology Committee for further consideration.

Click here to watch an interview with Fox 13 News regarding the importance of SB 1128.


Senate Bill 144: Clarifying the Impact Fee Process
SB 144 (Sen. Gruters) passed the Senate Community Affairs Committee favorably by a unanimous vote on March 6.
If enacted, SB 144 would establish consistency by allowing impact fees to be collected only when building permits are issued and would earmark impact fee revenue for acquiring or improving capital facilities to serve the population associated with the new development.

SB 144 now advances to the Senate Finance and Tax Committee for further consideration.


Senate Bill 1730: Inclusionary Zoning Preemption
FAA's inclusionary zoning preemption language was included in SB 1730 (Sen. Lee), which was introduced on March 1.
If SB 1730 is signed into law, local governments would be prohibited from enacting mandatory inclusionary zoning policies that require a specific proportion of the new apartment homes constructed within the municipality’s jurisdiction to be deemed “affordable housing" and rented for less than market rent.

SB 1730 was recently referred to the following committees in the Senate: Community Affairs, Infrastructure and Security, and Rules. FAA will continue to advocate for the Senate Community Affairs Committee to take action on this important legislation.

Other Legislation of Interest


Rent Control Legislation Introduced by Rep. Eskamani and Sen. Torres

In light of housing affordability challenges across the state, we are seeing a renewed debate regarding rent control. HB 6053 (Rep. Eskamani) and SB 1390 (Sen. Torres) were introduced to remove Florida's statewide preemption on rent control from Florida statute.While it is unlikely that this legislation will move during this session due to the political makeup of the Florida legislature, FAA has engaged the bill sponsors and leadership in the House and Senate to offer the industry's alternative solutions for housing affordability.

You can rest assured that FAA will continue to educate policymakers at the state and local level on the negative effects of rent control. Please click here to learn more and read a joint statement that FAA issued with AAGO regarding this important topic.

FAA's 2019 Legislative Priorities


  • Protect the Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust Fund and the pass SB 70 (Sen. Mayfield).
  • Prohibit mandatory inclusionary zoning and encourage voluntary incentive programs to stimulate affordable housing development with the passage of SB 1730 (Sen. Lee).
  • Reduce emotional support animal fraud and abuse with the passage of HB 721 (Rep. Killebrew) or SB 1128 (Sen. Diaz).
  • Clarify the impact fee process with the passage of SB 144 (Sen. Gruters).


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