2023 Strategic Plan

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Executive Summary

In 2022, the Florida Apartment Association began the process of cultivating an updated strategic plan to establish the association's "roadmap" for the next two years. More than 130 participants representing important association constituencies took part in focus groups and listening sessions in the first and second quarters of 2022. These constituencies included property management executives, local affiliate association executives, "emerging leaders," product and service providers (suppliers), "DEI" (diversity, equity, and inclusion) thought leaders, leadership lyceum candidates (2022), and delegates to the FAA Board of Directors. Additionally, a sub-committee was appointed to conduct a comprehensive review of FAA's governing documents and make recommendations for revisions to the Board.

This work culminated in the crafting of a strategic vision and overarching goal at a planning meeting in August 2022. The Governance Sub Committee concluded its work in August 2022, and its recommendations were subsequently approved by the FAA Board of Directors.

Image showing the phases of strategic planning

Mission Statement

The Florida Apartment Association is a federation of associations representing and advocating the interests of the Florida multifamily rental housing industry.

Vision Statement

Widely recognized as the champion for housing opportunity [in Florida].

Overarching Goal

Advance the industry and association through research, advocacy, and fostering a healthy rental housing supply.

Core Components and Strategic Planning Goals
Elevate the Association
  • Expand research initiatives
  • Enhance media & public outreach
  • Strategic investment in political engagement tools & resources
Advance the Industry
  • Bolster talent pipeline
  • Evaluate potential industry standards
  • Launch "Positive Press" social media campaign
  • Showcase industry philanthropy
Support & Engage Local Affiliates
  • Expand local advocacy program influence
  • Enhance PR toolkit, training, and resources
  • New access to and opportunity for underrepresented constituencies
Focus on Strategic Growth
  • Evaluate new market opportunities such as Build to Rent (BTR)
  • Custom events for senior leaders and developers
  • Iterate and evolve inspire and Impact conferences
Tertiary Goals
  • Establish a task force to review APACs "fair share" and local giving policies and procedures
  • Conduct a comprehensive review of the Association's government affairs strategy and resources
  • Explore options to introduce more clarity into the leadership selection and volunteer participation process

View the full strategic plan here.