2022 APAC Contributors

Thank you for supporting our industry through your contribution to APAC!

Diamond Investors: $10,000

Mid America Apartments

Highmark Residential 

Sapphire Investors: $7,500

Ruby Investors: $5,000

Emerald Investors: $2,500


Margaret Rushing, Advanced Plumbing Commercial & Residential Services

Royal American Management


Platinum Investors: $1,000


AIR Communities


Ronald L. Book, PA

Kara Bonzheim, FSI Construction

Melissa Cannata, Allegiant-Carter Management

Jimmy Chestnut, Incore Residential

Collier Companies

Commercial Water and Energy

Concord Management

Doug Cullaro, Capstone Credit & Solutions LLC


Harry Heist, Law Office of Heist, Weisse & Wolk P.A.

JMG Realty

Christopher Koback, South Oxford Management

Law Office of Heist, Weisse & Wolk P.A.

Michael Mulhall, DHI Communities

RangeWater Real Estate

Rose Nurse, Royal American Management

Mark Ogier, Contravest

Steve Ogier, Contravest

Peak Living

Perimeter Realty

Jordan Petras, Highmark Residential

Bonnie Smetzer, JMG Realty

Chip Tatum, FAA

Weller Management

WRH Realty

Gold Investors: $500


Tina Arbogast, Greater Quality Pool Service

Shelley Dehne, Apartner

ET&T Distributors

Michael Hodges, First Place Management

i4 Waster Solutions

Lori Krull, Weller Management

Leland Enterprises

Joseph Lettelier, CHAF Properties

Kimberly Maggard, Royal American Management

Chris Mahoney, AAGO

Cindy Odom, Continental Realty

Angi Pusateri Downey, Hello Landing

Kelly Rayburn, Greystar


Trash Butler

Keri Walker Pfeifer, Bozzuto Management Company

Silver Investors: $250-$499

Lori Agudo, Royal American Management

William Arbogast, Greater Quality Pool Service

Atlantic Southern Paving & Sealcoating

Shanon Brusse, RangeWater Real Estate

Christopher DeValle, Valet Living

Carol Dollar, TGM Communities

Christy Dukes, RentPath

Cody Fetherolf, Lincoln Property Company

Cynthia Haines, WRH Realty

Brenda Hallford, Greystar

Kathy Hensley, Greystar

HH Staffing

Rachelle Hundley, Highmark Residential

Integrity Property Services

Shana Jackson, Epoch Residential

Amanda Johnson, Arbor Contract Carpet

Jeremy Kacerski, Resource Pavement

Brianne Kocher, JMG Realty

Magic Business Forms

Hector Mora, ZRS Management

Keith Morin, Richman Property Services

Kristi Novak, Altman Management Company

OnCall Parking Manager

Chip Okelley, Lofts at South Lake

Meg Pisczek, Hawthorne Residential Partners

Eric Simmons, Black Belt Fire Protection

Jonathan Smith, Future Foam

Joe Springsteen, Bioaway

Lori Trainer, RentPath

Amanda White, FAA

Katie Wrenn, WRH Realty

Bronze Investors: $100-$249

Caitlin Ackerman, First Place Fitness Equipment

Ricardo Alicea, Wendover Group

Jason Avery, CORT

Joelis Barandica, ConAm Management Corporation

Virginia Boilling, Acquisition Solutions

Andrew Bosque, BEHR Paint Company

Ben Brewer, SweetWater Restoration, Inc.

Roy Bushmash, Ferguson Facilities Supply

Amanda Burk, Royal American Management

Liz Calaway, Chadwell Supply

Jaimie Calixto, BEHR Paint Company

Obadiah Calvert

Chelsee Camero, Ask an Adjuster

David Cofresi, BEHR Paint Company

Dan Cohen, Cohen Construction Inc.

Keila Crespo, The Oaks at Southlake Commons

Alexis Davies, Valet Living

Patrick De Souza, Epoch Residential

Dave Dexter, Luxor One

Brent Dickson, SweetWater Restoration, Inc.

Kelly Dixon, Rapid Housing Partners

Robenson Dorvil, i4 Waste Valet & Recycling

Rachelle Dow, The Collier Company

Melissa Dugas, Royal American Management

Andrew Dougill, Hoffman Realty

Jamie Emde, Summit At Metrowest

Jason Frotten, HD Supply

Justin Frost, Affinity Waste Solutions

Ken Furtaw, WRH Realty

Debbie Gentry, Concord Management Limited

Keith Gibbons, iApartments

Diana Gierschner, Real Floors

Markus Gierschner, Valet Living

Michael Giraldo, Valet Living

Veronica Gonzalez, Summit At Metrowest

Shannon Gregory, WRH Realty

April Hudson, Highmark Residential

Scott Jaikin, RentPath

Nicole Johns, Valet Living

Dave Jurek, Absolutely Amazing Refinishing

Jackie Jurek, Jurek Properties

Josh Kassof, Zumper

Josh Keller, Real Floors

Kelley & Grant P.A.

Michael Krause, Atrium Management

Carol Lehnert, Rangewater

Terri Lerner, JD Res

Tracy Lesse, RangeWater Real Estate

Michelle Lippai, Atlantic Southern Paving & Sealcoating

Shervoy Lopez, Valt Living

Amanda Lynch, Real Floors

Ronald Mahony, Loft At Uptown

Pete Mann, National Credit Systems, Inc.

Lisa Matta, Greystar

Alex Mauro Ross, SightPlan

Lindsey McClain, FCAA

Robert McDaniel, Integra

Marley Messner, DMI Paving & Sealcoating

Kelli Meyers, Churchill Forge

Mario Ortiz, Fire N Ice

Ivana Padron, Rescon

Ashlee Partin, Affinity Waste Solutions

Britney Pena, Century Fire Protection

Logan Philips, Real Floors

Raul Pineda, Summit At Metrowest

Julie Portolano Gulliford, InterSolutions Staffing

Aisha Price, Richman Group

Jennifer Rachels, Massey Services, Inc.

Jessica Ragsdale, CORT

Monica Ramsey, AAGO

Liz Recca, SCAA

Lee Rogers, JMG Realty

Lindsey Savino, RentPath

Ashley Schroeder, Liberty Rent

Brenda Sherrill, ZRS Management

Chelsea Singleton, Ask an Adjuster

Jodi Sink, D. Sink, Inc.

Darrin Sink, D. Sink, Inc.

David Solomon, Century Fire Protection

Lee Steinhauer, AAGO

Brenda Sweeting, Absolutely Amazing Refinishing

SweetWater Restoration, Inc.

Jackie Swisher, Five Star Claims Adjusting

Jay Thompson, Grace Hill

Marcello Tolentino, Summit At Metrowest

Meredith Torres, Greystar

Erin Toung, ET&T Distributors

Josie Toung, ET&T Distributors

Paula Trent, Massey

Christian Valentine, Real Floors

Marisa Vazquez, Massey Services, Inc.

Jason Wallace, PotholeRepair.com

Leana Wolters, RentPath

Kim Webb, Wendover Housing Partners

Melissa Wenger, Apartments.com

Jolie Whitmore, Highmark Residential

Luke Wickham, Institutional Property Advisors

Maurice Williams, OnCall Parking Manager

Dawn Wolter, JMG Realty, Inc

Kelly Wunder, i4 Waste Valet & Recycling

Raymond Young, Blue Stream Fiber

Gordon Young, Atlantic Southern Paving and Sealcoating

Fair Share Investors: $25-$99

Liena Bems, Rezcor

Whitney Benjamin, Arbor Contract Carpet


Whitney Briones, Real Floors

Cheryl Caroll, The Flats at Tioga Town Centre

Robert Carroll, NCFAA

Becky Dotson, MAA

Cutting Edge Carpet

Johnmichael Fernandez, FAA

Colie Hamm, Affinity Waste Solutions

Melisa Hannigan, Lincoln

Lauren Hendry, JMG Realty

Margaret Landry, Garden Communities

Chris Mahoney, AAGO

Andee Myatt, Weller

Devon Quist, Dominium

Bianca Rossano, Affinity Waste Solutions

Jeremy Scholl, Greystar

Sandy Shindle, Lincoln

Julie Smith, Rangewater

Danielle Stacey, Valet Living

Sharon Steffan, The Lynd Company

Stacy Waldron