2018 Legislative Session Week 1 Update

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2018 Legislative Session Week One Update

Friday, January 12 marked the end of the first week of legislative session. Many bills that could potentially affect the apartment industry are on the move! Here is an update of what happened in Tallahassee last week.

HB 529: The FAA priority bill, HB 529, filed by Rep. Manny Diaz (FL 103-R) was heard in the House Careers and Competition subcommittee on January, 10. FAA members representing Affinity Waste, Skinner Waste, and Valet Living along with FAA government affairs director, Courtney Barnard, FAA lobbyist, Kelly Mallette, and Valet Living lobbyist, Jeff Johnston attended the committee meeting in order to testify in support of the legislation.

The bill passed the committee favorably and will move onto the House Commerce Committee in the coming weeks before it is voted on by the full Florida House. The senate companion bill, SB 746, filed by Sen. Aaron Bean (FL 4-R)  is expected to move to its first senate committee shortly. HB 529/ SB 746 impact the doorstep waste collection industry and clarify the legality of the trash collection services across Florida. The Florida Fire Prevention Code is ambiguous with regard to allowing trash containers to be placed temporarily in hallways and breezeways. The Florida Apartment Association, in conjunction with the doorstep waste collection industry, is seeking clarification of the code so business operations can continue normally.

The doorstep waste removal industry is made up of several independent businesses which provide more than 1,200 jobs across Florida and generates an economic impact of over $68 million annually.  Halting doorstep trash collection services would eliminate jobs and disrupt a valuable apartment service. Doorstep trash collection service is allowed across the United States and clarity in the Florida Fire Prevention Code will allow the industry to continue to do business.

FAA will continue to monitor and advocate for our industry throughout the legislative session; if you have any questions or concerns, please email me at Courtney@faahq.org. For an in-depth update from FAA government affairs director, Courtney Barnard please listen in to the 2018 pre- session update call here.

There is still time to register for the FAA Legislative Conference in Tallahassee on January 30-31. Please register online here to advocate for your industry.


Stay tuned for next week's update!