2020 Nan Cavarretta Scholarship Recipients Announced

FAA News,

By Camila Cal

The Florida Apartment Association has awarded the 2020 Nan Cavarretta Scholarship to Malia Thomas and Belinda Reaves, to enable them to participate in the FAA Leadership Lyceum program. The scholarship covers registration fees and travel expenses for the Leadership Lyceum, which is designed to educate and cultivate future leaders in local, state, and national apartment associations.

Malia Thomas is a general manager at Canopy Apartments in Gainesville.

“I have been in the industry for 10 years. I started in the industry as a part-time leasing agent and worked my way up,” she said.

She described the qualities a recipient of the scholarship should possess.

“A recipient should be someone who is dedicated not only to their position, but to the industry. This person will be a hard-working individual who wants the best for all in every type of housing. They want to make an impact on the industry and to help make it better for all individuals whether leasing or working.”

Thomas explained that her employer is supportive of her participation.

“This scholarship is letting me continue my growth in the apartment industry; it permits me to be a part of statewide decisions and to learn more from others in the industry.”

She looks forward to networking at the Leadership Lyceum, meeting new leaders in the industry, and learning how they overcome different situations.

“The Leadership Lyceum and this scholarship will allow me to attend both FAA conferences and help my local association inspire others to participate at the state level,” she said.

Belinda Reaves has been in the industry for 10 years and is currently a community manager at Bay Harbor Apartments/Northland Investment Corporation in Fort Myers.

“I look at this scholarship as an opportunity to become more educated on the legislative side of the multifamily industry. I am looking forward to learning, helping spread awareness of the topics that need our support, and advocating for multifamily and its affiliates,” she said.

Like Thomas, Reaves believes a recipient of this scholarship should be an individual with passion, ideas, industry involvement, and a voice who wants to make a difference in the multifamily industry.

At the Leadership Lyceum, she looks forward to networking with and learning from other individuals who are just as passionate about the industry as she is.

“I am eager to listen to the debates about the current topics being presented and to learn different aspects of everything from daily operations to the legislative side,” she said.

In five years, Reaves hopes to transition into the corporate or training side of the multifamily industry.

“Knowledge is power. I feel that the Leadership Lyceum will benefit my overall progression in my multifamily management role and the experience itself will help me meet new people, share my ideas or concerns, and create long lasting relationships to help guide me on my future leadership endeavors. I hope to mentor and train future individuals who are interested in learning more than just the basic day-to-day operations of our industry, so we can continue to positively progress,” she said.

The first of three Lyceum modules, Professional Development/Education, will take place the day before the 2020 FAA Legislative Conference, on January 27th at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Tallahassee. Candidates have two years to complete the entire program. Graduates are recognized at the FAA Annual Conference & Trade Show.