FAA Joins BAAA to Oppose Rent Control In Tampa

Posted By: Amanda White Advocacy News , Rent Control ,

The Florida Apartment Association is opposing rent control in two of Florida's major markets: The City of Tampa and Orange County. 

As previously reported, the rent control debate in Orange County remains ongoing with the next hearing scheduled for August 9. On July 28 in an unanticipated move, the Tampa City Council became the second jurisdiction to formally move forward with drafting a rent control proposal.

At the meeting on July 28, Tampa Councilman Orlando Gudes moved for staff to draft a rent control ordinance that will be considered for the first time at an August 4 meeting. A copy of Councilman Gudes proposal can be found here. If the Tampa City Council decides to move forward with the rent control proposal it will be voted on by the City Council at an August 22 meeting. FAA is working closely with the Bay Area Apartment Association on industry advocacy to oppose this rent control proposal but your engagement is key. Members in the Tampa region are encouraged to contact eric@baaahq.org to learn how to get more involved in the association's grassroots efforts.

Tampa, like many other Florida metros, is at a crossroads after years of housing construction lagging behind population growth. This growth, as well as the clear and convincing evidence against rent control, cannot be ignored. It is time for local leaders in Tampa to look inward for solutions, such as removing barriers that stifle the construction of housing or make it financially infeasible to build affordable or workforce housing, including excessive impact fees, delayed project approvals, and zoning restrictions.

The apartment industry has long been advocating for reforms such as:

  • Removing barriers that stifle the construction of housing. 
  • Reducing excessive impact fees.
  • Expediting permitting and project approvals.
  • Reforming zoning policies and more.

FAA and BAAA remain fully committed to continuing to work with the city and our partners in local government on these real solutions going forward. FAA members can rest assured that the association will continue to oppose rent control efforts across the state and keep them informed of updates as they become available.

Questions regarding FAA's advocacy efforts? 

If you have questions regarding FAA's advocacy efforts, please contact Amanda White, government affairs director, at amanda@faahq.org. For more information regarding the Orange County rent control proposal or how you can get involved in those grassroots advocacy efforts, please contact Trinity@aago.org