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Posted By: Kimberly Maggard
New nominating process and guidelines in place for 2024!

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As Chairman of the Nominating Committee, I have issued this call for nominations for officers of the Florida Suppliers Council (FSC) whose terms, if selected, would be served in 2023-2024. The link to submit a nomination can be found at the bottom of this article. The FSC is the supplier "voice" within the Florida Apartment Association, and FSC officers represent their peers within the FAA volunteer ranks. The Chair of the FSC has a standing seat on the FAA Executive Committee in the Associates Vice President role.


Secretary | Vice Chair | Chair/Associates Vice President
Looking for the FAA Executive Committee nomination page? Click here.

Criteria and Guidelines:


  1. Each nominee must own, manage, or be employed by a company that provides products or services (supplier company) to the apartment industry in Florida. 
  2. Each nominee must be employed by a company that is an FAA member in good standing. 
  3. Each nominee must acknowledge that election as an FSC officer carries with it a great responsibility and nominees must be able commit to attending all scheduled meetings.
  4. Completion of an electronic assessment (sent after nomination period has closed).
  5. Commitment of nominee and nominee's company to fully participate in FAA programs and events, including exhibiting at the FAA Annual Conference & Trade Show.
  6. Completion of the FAA or NAA Leadership Lyceum programs a plus.
  7. Be available for an interview with the Nominating Committee, if all other criteria are met, on Monday, August 28, 2023.


The Nominating Committee will use the following guidelines in establishing a slate: 

Candidate’s prior participation on the Florida Suppliers Council, FAA committees, task forces, or councils, FAA adjacent entities (i.e. APAC/FFHO), exhibiting and/or sponsorship of programs and events, and local affiliate volunteer leadership. 


  1. FAA/FSC volunteer experience
  2. Prior support and participation in FAA programs and events
  3. Apartment industry experience and contributions
  4. Participation in FAA and APAC programs and events
  5. Civic and social engagement


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Am I allowed to nominate myself?
  • A: Yes, self nominations are encouraged, but not required.
  • Q: What documents need to be included with the nomination?
  • A: Each nominee must submit a resume or curriculum vitae (CV) along with a letter of support from their direct supervisor. Current FSC officers, and owners/officers of member companies, are not required to submit a letter of support.
  • Q: What is the time commitment for an FSC officer?
  • A: Officers can expect to serve at least 4 years as they progress through the ranks. (Advancement is not automatic.) Each year, the Florida Suppliers Council meets in person three times in various locations throughout the state. Officers are expected to attend all FSC meetings in addition to FAA Board meetings, the Legislative Conference (Impact), Annual Conference (Inspire), and other meetings that may be called by the FSC Chair or FAA President.
  • Q: Is travel required to serve as an officer of the Florida Suppliers Council?
  • A: Yes. Most travel is in-state.
  • Q: When do terms for FSC officers begin?
  • A: Terms for all incoming officers begin after they have been installed at the Annual Conference. This year, terms will begin on Friday, October 13, 2023.
All candidates meeting the criteria stated above will be interviewed by the Nominating Committee on August 28, 2023.