Legislative Conference & 2022 Priorities

Posted By: Johnmichael Fernandez Advocacy News ,

The Florida Apartment Association’s annual Legislative Conference is hastily approaching. With only a few weeks away from the signature event, the time to register is now. The conference is a great opportunity to become involved in FAA’s advocacy efforts to build relationships with state elected officials and promote the apartment industry. During the conference, FAA will be on a mission to try and gain support for our 2022 legislative priorities. The support of our priorities is extremely important while the Legislature begins its new yearly session. FAA’s 2022 priorities are listed below.

Permit Affordable and Workforce Housing Property Tax Discounts

  • The Florida Apartment Association urges the Legislature to pass HB 495 (Rep. Anthony Rodriguez) and SB 1150 (Sen. Ana Maria Rodriguez), which provides local governments with the ability to waive or reduce property taxes for affordable and workforce housing apartments at their discretion.

Clarify Fire Radio System Requirements

  • The Florida Apartment Association urges the Legislature to pass legislation to clarify fire department radio signal requirements for new and existing high-rise buildings. At this time, legislation has not yet been introduced to address this issue. Please stay tuned for an update from FAA regarding the bill numbers for this specific legislative priority.

Support SB 898/HB 577 to Codify Apartment Employee Screening and Key Access Best Practices

  • The Florida Apartment Association urges the Legislature to pass SB 898 (Sen. Linda Stewart) and HB 577 (Rep. Robin Bartleman), to codify best practices related to apartment employee background screening and apartment key access.

We hope that you will be able to join us for the 2022 Legislative Conference! There will be lots of work to do while we build relationships with the Legislature and inform others about the 2022 legislative priorities. Do not forget to register here, and if you have any questions about FAA’s advocacy efforts you can contact Amanda, Government Affairs Director, at amanda@faahq.org or by phone at 407-960-2910.