Resolve to be Involved

Posted By: Josh Gold Magazine ,

By Josh Gold, CAE, CMP

FAA Executive Vice President


If you’re like many people, this time of year is about making resolutions. Unfortunately, for the vast majority, it’s also about breaking them. Research tells us that while nearly half of all Americans usually make New Year’s resolutions, fewer than 8 percent keep them longer than a few weeks. Often, it’s because the resolutions shoot for the moon — so ambitious and unrealistic that they can’t help but fail. And while the No. 1 most common resolution is to lose weight or eat healthier, also in the top 10 are doing something exciting, learning something new, doing good deeds for others, and finding a better job.


And while we can’t really give you more than moral support and sympathy on that first resolution, we believe that becoming more involved with FAA just might put you on a path toward some of those other goals.   


RESOLVE TO START LOCAL. A good first step is to attend a meeting or event at your local affiliate. Under the Membership section of the FAA website,, you’ll find links to affiliate websites, where you can view upcoming events and contact local leaders for more information. Get to know your peers and then volunteer to serve on a committee or help plan a local event. Your local affiliate is also the path to serving on the FAA Board of Directors, because each local affiliate chooses its own delegates and alternates for the board.


RESOLVE TO JOIN AN FAA COMMITTEE. FAA committees are a great way to get involved at the state level. While some committee seats are filled by appointment or based on FAA bylaws, membership on others is open to any member in good standing.

  • APAC Board of Directors — The APAC Board screens political candidates who support the apartment industry and makes decisions about funding their campaigns through the FAA Apartment Political Action Committee (APAC). Open to any member in good standing. Contact for details.
  • Editorial Advisory Committee — This new committee will provide guidance and ideas to help FAA’s communications team produce timely and relevant content for this magazine as well as the monthly Florida APTitudes e-newsletter. The EAC will have its first meeting in conjunction with the 2018 FAA Legislative Conference in January.  Open to any member in good standing. Contact for details.
  • Legislative Committee — Members of this committee review legislative, regulatory, and legal issues and make recommendations. The committee includes legislative chairpersons from local affiliates, and is open to any member in good standing. Contact for details.
  • Masters Steering Committee — Senior multifamily executives who are FAA members in good standing will help plan educational and networking programs for their peers (such as vice presidents, chief operating officers, chief executive officers, partners, and owners). This committee will have its first meeting at the 2018 FAA Legislative Conference in January.  Contact for details.


RESOLVE TO BE AN ADVOCATE. Each year, FAA members travel to Tallahassee to learn about legislative issues that could affect Florida’s multifamily industry and to meet with state legislators or legislative staff to advocate on behalf of the industry. This conference takes place soon after the session begins or during the committee weeks preceding the session, and includes a reception with special guests and a briefing to help members understand the issues. Management and supplier members are welcome. If you’re not registered for this year’s conference, January 30-31, you can still be an advocate. Visit the advocacy section of to learn about FAA’s current legislative priorities. Click on the Legislative Action Center to find out whether there are current issues to call or write to your legislators about, or proposed legislation that could affect your business. You can also attend the 2018 Legislative Platform Meeting held in conjunction with the FAA Annual Conference & Trade Show in October. If advocating on a federal level is of interest, we encourage you to participate in NAA’s Advocate, the annual legislative fly-in held in Washington, D.C., March 13-14.


RESOLVE TO ATTEND FAA’S PREMIER EDUCATIONAL EVENT. If you haven’t attended an FAA Annual Conference & Trade Show in recent years, you have been missing out on some highly motivational keynote speakers, top-notch education sessions, networking opportunities, and the chance to meet with dozens of suppliers in one place. And, you’ve missed inspired and creative themes that make the entire event more fun.  (See the report and photos beginning on Page 16 of this issue.) Consider joining us at the Boca Raton Resort & Spa in October 3-5, 2018.


RESOLVE TO ATTEND AN FAA BOARD MEETING. Delegates from local affiliates meet three times a year — typically in January, May, and October — to discuss and vote on the business of the association. Notice of the meetings is posted in the Events section of the FAA website as well as in the Florida APTitudes e-newsletter. (To ensure that you receive the e-newsletter, confirm that the contact information in your website profile is current and correct.)


RESOLVE TO CONTRIBUTE YOUR FAIR SHARE. The FAA Apartment Political Action Committee (APAC) supports candidates who support our industry. In 2016 and 2017, 92% of APAC-supported candidates won their elections. This is important when we want legislators to be open to hearing our concerns. APAC contributions are voluntary; however, FAA members are asked to contribute $25 each as their “fair share.” You may also contribute by supporting an APAC fundraiser, such as the All Hands on Deck for APAC yacht party October 3, or by bidding at an APAC silent auction, held in conjunction with the FAA Legislative Conference and the FAA Annual Conference & Trade Show.


No matter what your New Year resolutions, your FAA team wishes you a year full of successful and prosperity in 2018.