FAA Awards Cavarretta Scholarship to Longtime Multifamily Professionals

FAA News,

By Camila Cal

The Florida Apartment Association has awarded the 2021 Nan Cavarretta Scholarship to Amy Baker and Samantha Harvey, to enable them to participate in the FAA Leadership Lyceum program. The scholarship covers registration fees and travel expenses for the Leadership Lyceum, which is designed to educate and cultivate future leaders in local, state, and national apartment associations.

Amy Baker is a general manager for Asset Living in Fort Myers. She has been working in the apartment industry for 22 years. 

“This scholarship is allowing me to pursue my passion and further my reach in our industry. It’s providing me the opportunity to expand my knowledge, support others, and become more active in a career I am passionate about,” she said. 

Baker believes that one of the most important qualities of a great leader is their ability to assist others in obtaining their goals. In the future, she hopes to be in a position that will allow her to lead, mentor, and support team members on a wider scale. 

“I’m looking forward to learning new things at the Leadership Lyceum and then taking that knowledge and sharing it with others, especially on the student housing side of our industry. The knowledge, relationships, and resources that I will obtain from attending the program will greatly expand my experience and allow me to contribute to our local apartment association and more,” she said. 

Samantha Harvey has been in the industry for more than 20 years, beginning as a leasing manager with JMG Realty Inc. Currently, she is a property manager at Canopy Creek Apartments in Jacksonville. 

Harvey said that this opportunity will pave the way for her to become a great leader of the apartment industry.

“This scholarship is a huge accomplishment and it just solidifies that all of my hard work has not gone in vain,” she said. 

She explained that future recipients of this scholarship should be focused on demonstrating their excellent leadership and communication skills, as well as possess an unwavering passion for the work that they do. 

In five years, she aims to be on the Board of Directors for FCAA and to work as a regional or portfolio manager. She plans to continue advocating and volunteering with FCAA and FAA. 

“I am looking forward to learning as much as I can to use in the future and share with others that I mentor,” she said.

The first of three Lyceum modules, Advocacy, will take place virtually during the 2021 FAA Legislative Conference. Candidates have two years to complete the entire program. Graduates are recognized at the FAA Annual Conference & Trade Show.