FAA Members Step Up for Hurricane Relief

Posted By: Laureen Crowley FAA News,

After Hurricane Ian decimated much of Southwest Florida and flooded parts of Central Florida, volunteers from local FAA affiliates, multifamily management companies, and suppliers to the multifamily industry rolled up their sleeves to sort, package, and deliver more than 100,000 pounds of relief supplies provided by the Alabama-based charity Hatching Hope.  

 "When a hurricane or large loss happens, people are paralyzed," said Keli Wright, Hatching Hope founder.  "This gives them a way to come together" and make a difference. Hatching Hope was founded in 2016 to provide care packages to renters displaced by fire or other disasters. Those care packages typically contain "first night" supplies, pet care necessities, teddy bears, and more.

The supplies distributed for hurricane relief ranged from disinfectants to diapers and from paper towels to pillows. Perhaps as important as the suppliers themselves, Wright said, is the emotional support they convey. "It gives hope that tomorrow — or the next hour — will be better, because there are people you don't even know that want to help."