President Rewind: 33rd President Brenda Pritchard Proud of Leadership Lyceum

50th Anniversary,

By Diane Sears

One of the biggest benefits the Florida Apartment Association offers for members is industry education — everything from in-person training to webinars and other opportunities. FAA made a big addition to that education in 2009 when it launched the Leadership Lyceum program, which works to identify and develop a well-informed and highly motivated group of emerging multifamily housing leaders. Leadership Lyceum assures that FAA and Florida’s 10 local associations have volunteers in place who are trained and motivated to carry the flag for the industry.

Brenda Pritchard was especially excited to see the launch of the Leadership Lyceum program because it happened when she was FAA’s 33rd president. “This has been vital to strengthening our leadership in FAA for the past 12 years,” she said. “I was proud to be president when this major task was put into place.”

Leadership Lyceum has made a big difference for the association and the industry, she said.  “I would say the most dramatic change I’ve seen in the industry has been the ongoing interest in leadership in FAA. I think this has largely been in part due to the Leadership Lyceum program. I am proud so many professionals are sharing their experience, knowledge, and vision of our industry to shape the multifamily business as a whole.”

FAA members can enroll in the course through their local associations, and they can find out more about it on the FAA website. Lyceum candidates are required to complete three classroom modules that are five hours in length. They must attend one FAA Board of Directors meeting, one FAA Legislative Committee meeting, the FAA Legislative Conference and the FAA Annual Education Conference. 

Pritchard counts FAA leadership among the highlights of her career because it allowed her insight into the association and the industry that she wouldn’t have gotten as a regular member. That’s why she continues to encourage others to get involved in leadership.

“One of my favorite parts of serving as president was visiting all the local affiliates around the state, attending award ceremonies, swearing in local boards of directors, and attending local dinner meetings and local board meetings,” she said. “I met so many people, and all along the way I encouraged them to get involved. Many of our past presidents since my term have said it was my encouragement that convinced them to get involved. This was very special to me, and I will treasure the memories forever.”