Urgent Call to Action: Ask Governor DeSantis to sign HB 7103!

Posted By: Amanda M Gill FAA News,

One of FAA's 2019 legislative priorities is under attack and we need your help! Please click here to send an email to Governor DeSantis asking him to sign HB 7103 into law today.

If HB 7103 is signed into law, local governments will be allowed to have an inclusionary zoning mandate but in exchange, must provide incentives to offset the developer’s costs for his or her affordable housing contribution. Such incentives can include, but are not limited to: impact fee waivers, density bonuses, or other tax-related incentives. This policy change is critically needed because the best way to encourage the construction of affordable apartment homes is to make it easier and less cost-prohibitive for developers to build this type of housing that is desperately needed. 

The enactment of HB 7103 will do just that by requiring local governments to have some skin in the game and by ensuring developers have access to the incentives they need to make affordable housing construction feasible. In the long-term, this policy change will result in more effective inclusionary zoning policies and a higher number of affordable apartment homes across the state. 

HB 7103 is being targeted by interest groups that are asking Governor DeSantis to veto the bill. Please help FAA communicate the importance of this legislation to Governor DeSantis by participating in our call to action.

Click the image below to learn more about how inclusionary zoning mandates impact the apartment industry.