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Membership List

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The FAA membership list is available only to current members at a cost of $750 per list. The list may be ordered a maximum of two times per calendar year. The list includes community names, mailing address and email address. Upon receipt of payment, the list will be emailed, in an Excel spreadsheet.

Upon purchasing the FAA membership list:

You agree to the rental terms and conditions of the electronic membership database list outlined below:
• Email communication to this membership list is authorized for one use only.
• The electronic file may be used only by the organization executing this agreement. The right to use this list may
not be sold, assigned, or otherwise transferred to any third party, whether an individual, corporation, or partnership.
• The list contains names and addresses to monitor improper and unauthorized use.
• Violation of any of the items listed above will result in the suspension of future list privileges.


Member Price: $750